Dr. Bryant embodies the rare balance of spiritual gifts and practical educational experiences that connects pastoral leadership and discipleship teaching with prophetic preaching and courageous social action. Dr. Bryant is equipped and poised to initiate theological revival, decisive commitment and rededication to the teachings of Jesus the Christ as the foundation for personal living, family stability and community development.


Dr. Bryant is not only known as a riveting speaker but has earned a reputation as a social justice activist. Prior to pastoring, he served as the national youth and college director of the NAACP for six years, leading about 70,000 young people worldwide on non-violent campaigns.


Dr. Bryant earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Morehouse College and a Masters of Divinity from Duke University. He studied at Oxford University in Great Britain and earned a doctorate from The Graduate Theological Foundation.

John W. Gray III was born to two musically gifted parents, John W. Gray Jr. and Alice Gray and was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. John showed an early affinity for music; at the age of seven he began directing the choir at his local church.

As an in-demand speaker, John has traveled the world sharing faith and the Gospel in his own unique and uncompromising way. Over the past five years, John has been one of the Associate Teaching Pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen.


Having served multiple churches in the capacities of a Youth Pastor, Young Adults Pastor, and Singles Pastor, John was well prepared for this assignment. After serving at Lakewood Church, John accepted the opportunity to lead his own congregation as the Senior Pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Wherever God takes him in the future, he is determined to serve and lead with passion, humility, authenticity, and power.

Archbishop Robert Joel Rochford Sr. is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Handpicked by God from amongst a family of great ministry gifts, he accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 14 and began preaching the Gospel at just 15 years old. As a visionary, pastor, preacher, musician and author, Archbishop Rochford has dedicated more than half of his life to fulfilling God’s will and is a living testimony of the power of God at work in the life of His beloved.

In the early years of his ministry Archbishop Rochford was groomed by his eldest brother, the late Apostle Norman Rochford and he traveled extensively ministering at crusades with his brother Dr. Milton Rochford and sister Dr. Lavonne Burno. His passion for preaching and his love for the word of God continued to grow, as did his reputation as a man of God. In 1979, Bishop Rochford answered God’s call to leadership and established New Life Cathedral in Brooklyn, NY. He has served faithfully as the senior pastor for over 35 years and the ministry continues to flourish. Archbishop Rochford is presently commissioning local pastors to establish satellite churches in the metropolitan area. The first of four new ministries was birthed in Queens, New York in 2007. The second ministry was birthed in Brooklyn in 2010.









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