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Bishop Orrin K. Pullings, Sr.

Dr. Orrin K. Pullings, Sr. is the founder and senior pastor of the United Nations Church International of Richmond, VA, Jamaica, NY and Atlanta, GA. A man of global vision and destiny, Dr. Pullings is determined to take the gospel of the kingdom to all nations and people. Dr. Orrin Pullings is an international conference host and speaker. His television ministry “Faith Charge” reaches over 140 countries and over 40 million homes in the United States.


As a noted community leader and humanitarian, Dr. Orrin Pullings was awarded the Keys to the City by the Richmond City Council. As a result of his faith in action, Dr. Pullings organized free housing for hundreds of the victims of the Katrina Disaster in 2005. His extensive efforts awarded him local and national recognition.


This pastor, preacher, teacher and life-coach is changing the lives of people; motivating them to believe in God for the impossible both naturally and spiritually. The fruit of his labor is evidenced in United Nations Church International-VA membership which is now made up of 40% successful entrepreneurs through his dynamic teaching.


Dr. Orrin K. Pullings, Sr. is the proud husband of Dr. Medina Pullings and proud father of their five children -- Orrin Jr., Elijah, James, Zacchaeus and Medina


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